Assortment and services

The main activity is the design, development and production of logistics, warehousing and information systems to support logistics procedures in the storage and distribution and traceability of products in production and trade, as well as archival, storage, wardrobe equipment and equipping facilities. Our target market is medium and large Croatian companies in the manufacturing industry, trade and distribution.


We offer the experience and equipment to assist in the optimal placement of the "document management" . We have solutions for archiving documents in "paper" form and documentation on magnetic media ( microfilm , floppy disk , CD ) .


We offer consulting, designing and installation of vaults, safes, fireproof cabinets and security equipment keeping in mind all applicable and relevant regulations. The equipment offered consists of the highest material quality which we can confirm various European certification Vds , ECB - S , SP ...


We equip warehouses, offices and workspaces with shelving racks, wardrobe cupboards, tool cupboards, workshop tables …


With a clearly defined concept of designing solutions, performing construction work, production of furniture, equipping facilities and carrying out of projects we are able to perform the project according to the "turnkey" system.


Following global trends in the development of logistics we offer solutions for all the challenges that may appear when storage and internal transportation is the topic. Taking into account the specific requirements of our customers and respecting the particularities of different systems (manufacturers, distribution centers, etc. ) and applying existing regulations and standards, we develop technological solutions. Solutions range from classic, semi automated to completely automated systems.
Accordingly, we cover all stages of setting up logistics systems:

  • Consulting and Design
  • Monitoring and supervision during construction
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • The training of personnel
  • Maintenance and modernization

The fact that the we offer solutions on a "turnkey" principle we are able to manage and perform the most complex projects .

For many years we have been present in the market with solutions in the field of automatic labeling. Our devices and systems work in a range of industries in the region. Whether it is about labeling or PrintApply ("print and apply" devices) we are able to offer to our customers the design, implementation and maintenance of equipment as well as the regular delivery of consumables (labels and ribbons).


Our IT systems and solutions are used in a range of leading Croatian companies. Developed on Microsoft and Oracle platforms in a two-layer and three-layer architecture with Net technology support and Oracle CASE tools our solutions are implemented to support the production, planning, logistics, traceability and warehouse operations.

Recognizing the growing complexity of our business environment and new competition from foreign companies, over the years we developed our own logistics information system, which converts warehouses into modern logistics centers. As a company that is constantly engaged in improving its products and services, we are the first Croatian company that has developed and installed a system for tracking logistical traceability of goods.


Particular attention is given to the service department, which is responsible for the regular maintenance and upkeep on call, servicing the installed equipment and systems, and is organized in a way so it can promptly respond to all client requests (markets).