Arca AS labeling system

Compact, end of line labeling solution for applying labels and barcodes onto formed cartons.


  • Compact base, with reduced clearance requirements, guaranteeing improved operating performance.
  • All photocells (fiber optic and direct reading) are positioned between the belts and do not hinder the operating area.
  • Stabilizer comprising two opposing belts accompanying the carton laterally during the application phase, contributing to labeling accuracy and favoring the handling of imperfectly closed cartons.
  • Independently driven, electrically controlled spacer and stabilizer.
  • Adjustments provided by handwheels and re-circulating ball screws, complete with numerical position indicators.
  • Air-blow ejector (up to 400 pcs/min.) or with pneumatic cylinder (up to 300 pcs/min.).
  • Stainless steel collection bin for ejected products, featuring a transparent polycarbonate shutter with key-lock opening and access-proof latches.
  • Adjustable support feet (max. 4” (100 mm)) with a supple rubber base reducing vibrations; ready for boring holes for floor fastening.
  • Electrical system box set inside a stainless steel cabinet, easily accessible from the back of the system.
  • Control panel ergonomically positioned for the operator, illustrated with simple intuitive icons.
  • Synchro speed for simultaneously varying the speed of all product handling devices.
  • Labeler Automatic Speed Control adapts the labeling speed to the system’s operating speed.
  • Quick set-up, thanks to labeling programs allowing for the memorization of all application settings.

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