Office chair, upholstered seat and backrest, armrests by choice.

Adjustable adjustable PVC or PVC + chrome, base by choosing PVC or chrome, wheels by selecting for soft or hard surfaces. Adjust the seat height, backrest angle, height, backrest, armrests on the selection. Syncro mechanism.


  • seat height adjustment
  • adjust the angle of the backrest
  • adjust the height of the backrest
  • syncro mechanism.


  • podešavanje visine sjedišta
  • podešavanje nagiba naslona
  • podešavanje visine naslona za leđa
  • mehanizam syncro.

Special feature

Visina stolice Visina sjedenja Širina stolice Dubina Stolice Volumen Boje
Visina stolice 103-111 Visina sjedenja 52-60 Širina stolice 63 Dubina Stolice 70 Volumen 0,2 Boje Prema paleti boja