Deposit safe, model HS66

The presence of cash in for example supermarkets, petrol stations or retail shops results in large risks for staff members. To prevent theft, robberies and other life threatening situations, it is advisable to install a deposit safe. The lockable deposit mechanism is designed in such a way that superfluous cash can easily and quickly be deposited. The safe has an ‘anti-fishing’ devise which prevents unauthorized emptying of the deposit safe.


  • Double bitted key lock (2 keys) or electronic lock with time delay (VdS certified)
  • Lockable deposit mechanism (double bitted key lock; 2 keys)
  • Deposit slot: 250x25 (LxH in mm)
  • Back and base fixing
  • Fire resistant insulation according to DIN 4102
  • 6 mm solid steel door 

Special feature

Model External dimensions LxBXH (mm) Internal dimensions LxBxH (mm) Weight (kg) Content (l) Shelf
Model Salvus HS66 External dimensions LxBXH (mm) 650 x 500 x 500 Internal dimensions LxBxH (mm) 530 x 410 x 400 Weight (kg) 65 Content (l) 87 Shelf 1