Horizontal Carousels

The horizontal carousel eliminates unproductive travel and search times using software controlled picking sequences to deliver stored goods efficiently to the operator; speeding up picking times and increasing throughput. Combined with pick to light technology; the operator is directed to the exact location of each pick improving accuracy rates to 99.9%

Horizontal carousels consist of an oval track supporting rotating bins with shelves that deliver stored goods to the operator.

To further increase picking times, two or more horizontal carousels are often used in an integrated workstation with software and pick to light technology to perform batch picking. This batch picking configuration allows an operator to pick from one active carousel while the others are pre-positioning the next pick for the moment the operator is ready. The operator picks the total SKU quantity for all orders in the batch, and distributes the SKU quantity among all of the orders; only visiting that SKU location one time during picking. Batch picking multiple orders at one time can increase productivity up to 66%.


Optimized Picking: Picks are organized for efficient picking to speed pick times and increased throughput.

Improved Accuracy: Pick to light technology improves accuracy to 99.9%.

Save Space: Save up to 60% floor space with horizontal carousels.

Flexibility: Easily adjust workstation configuration to meet peak season picking requirements.

Extend Order Cut Off Time: Extend order cutoff time due to increased throughput.