Automated vertical carousel - Megamat

Megamat is an automated vertical carousel based on the "goods to person" concept – perfectly suited for stored goods with a high access frequency.

The Megamat RS is a high density storage system with the greatest possible warehouse capacity. Each Megamat can be used as a standalone solution or can be extended as a networked solution as required. The modular structure allows for maximum investment security and future adaptability.

Delivering stored goods to an operator with the push of a button virtually eliminates wasted walking, searching and bending activities to dramatically improve productivity by up to 160%.

Stored goods can be physically secured with a lockable door and optional software can be integrated to record each transaction, providing reports by user.

Megamat vertical carousel has a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver goods to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a bar code. The vertical carousel rotates and presents the item for picking to the operator at an ergonomic work counter for easy usage


Seed - The Megamat RS runs at high speed to permit rapid access to all stored goods.

Idividuality and Fexibility - The multifunctional multipurpose carriers are adaptable to almost any application. The flexible carrier system permits the efficient storage of a wide variety of goods.

Quality and Efficiency - Due to the perfect interaction of electric motor, high-efficiency transmission and fine-tuned-frequency inverter, the Megamat RS today consumes up to 40% less power. The result: noticeably lower life cycle costs (TCO).

Safety and Security of Personnel and Stored Goods - To ensure the greatest possible safety and security, the new Megamat RS is equipped with four new functions: emergency hand crank, automatic chain tensioner, clip system and smooth running sliding door.

Technical data

Unit Dimensions:

Width: 3.1 to 3.9 m

Depth: 1.3, 1.5 or 1.7 m

Height: 2.3 m to 10 m

Usable Carrier Dimensions

Width: 2,450 to 3,250 mm

Height: 225 to 491 mm

Depth: 428 mm/528 mm/628 mm

Unit imbalance max. 1,200 kg

Load per Carrier 350 kg

Unit Load max. 12,500 kg