Paltower 50

This is a pallet stacker, where up to 50 pallets can be stored. In one interaction, it is possible to load or unload 5 pallets with the help of the pallet truck.

Main characteristics:

- easy and quick

- safe and comfortable

- saves time and room

- steady and cheap

Easy to use:

1. Just one button is used for loading and unloading.

2. Time to prepare pallets is between 2-6 seconds. (depending on the number of pallets)

3. Open the door. (comfortable sliding door)

4. Pallets to load or unload.

5. Close the door.


- if you need fewer pallets

- if you want order at the working place

- if you care about safety

- if you want to lower costs

- if you need less room for pallets

- if you want to prevent pallets from damage and dampness

- if you want to secure the pallets from being  stolen