Shelving Mezzanine (Multi Tier)

Shelving Mezzanine is construction of shelving built into two or more levels. The bottom shelving is the support for the mezzanine floor. The uprights are dimensioned in order to carry the loads from the floor above. 

Shelving built as multi tier installation is often used in larger warehouses for spare parts or where the storage of many articles is required often with a low turnover.

The total volume can be used for storing and handling. Low frequency articles are stored in higher located shelving positions while fast movers are located in the ground shelving.


Using standard components for support, economical units may be constructed with an open "deck-over" upper level, or additional shelving. In either case, savings are realized because:

-          You virtually double the amount of storage space in a given floor area

-           You utilize existing heat and air conditioning within the building

-          Construction is as easy as standard single level shelving:

-          Shelf heights are adjustable

-          Shelves can be accessed from all four sides